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We love authors on goFAQs! It’s always a win-win. It’s good for the readers, and it’s good for you. We believe in quality content. Our readers have a great appetite for more information and perspectives. Guest posting can be an outlet for your thoughts and promotion for you.

Possible Subjects / Topics:

You are writing this because you have something you really want to share. You have a deep knowledge on this topic. You are passionate and ready to tell world about it.

If that’s all true, then exactly what you write about can be within a wide range of topics. This site is mostly about software development & front end web design and development, but we’re not opposed to anything as long as it’s related to the web & mobile technologies and helps the developers & designers.


The audience of are software developers & designers of all skill levels. We welcome guest posts at any skill level. We can help set the expectations for the article early in the article itself.

  1. Beginner articles are very important, as these are read by the people, who are just started the learning, the simple terminology, simple exercises, step-by-step instructions, etc., with reference / for easy understanding would be great.
  2. Intermediate level articles are crucial, as the people have some knowledge and trying to improve their skills, or they might be looking for specific problem to be addressed. Examples are must.
  3. Advanced articles are great, as long as they are understandable by intermediate level visitors. That means a high level of clarity, step-by-step instructions, references, working demos, etc.

The Vibe:

Friendly. Authoritative. Welcoming. We’re all in this together. Flexible (non dogmatic about ideas). Thankful.


We accept articles in two format: Paid and Promotional

Yes we pay! straight up for your time and effort to write an article, time to time we will update on this page. It will vary from article to article based on a number of factors..

Promotional: If the post is intended to promote your product or service. In that case, no pay. It can’t be overly promotional, but it can be like “I also wrote a book on this topic, check it out!” or “I’m writing about this because of my experience in building this product.”. We will give due credits to your website / page.

Article Format:

We are not particular on how you write. Send us the content in word document, We’ll handle the formatting into the HTML that we publish in. Please provide the information with following headings:

  • Categorize your articles into “How-To”, “Tutorial”, “TechTalk” or Generic (AngularJS2). (Ex. “How-To : Design a login form”, “Tutorial – Design a Login Form”).
  • Title (send 2 or 3 different titles, they should get the attention of the reader, shouldn’t be too long).
  • Brief Intro (for home page)
  • Article (the longer the better)
    • Properly broken into multiple headings (If you specify the headings on the top, it would be great for the reader, he can jump to the section and start reading.
    • Code Samples – References of CodePen / Plnkr / github, (this is the most important aspect, we may reject articles without these.
    • If you are sending / attaching the images, you should send a note with credits (we generally avoid inserting the images).
  • About Author (author should be registered in main site (Questions and Answers) section,
    • Please update your Profile on, this article will be linked.
  • Disclaimer
  • Any other information, that you want to share with us.

Always good: a healthy amount of images, code examples, and demos.


Generally it goes a little something like:

  1. You send the concept
  2. We accept that
  3. You write the article
  4. We edit it
  5. It gets posted

We love anything about new technologies (ex. Angular2, HTML5, Swift, etc.,)


Reach us at: